Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet Slick

Here are a few first pictures of Slick. Actual registered name- California Ink Spot. He's actually a half brother to Denesirita's little paint mare Anne. Too bad he isn't the Hair Farmer she is! He has no top knot at all and a very flimsy tail!
But you can see by the pictures that he was enjoying his run in the arena.
He's a real sweetheart too- a 'in your pocket' pony fer sure.
And though he was a little unsure about lunging on a rope in a circle, he figured it out right away. A+!!
Also, he moved away from my hand pressure, stepping nicely over his front feet in a pivot- which will be a plus for halter or showmanship!

So all in all we had a good first day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You may be right, I may be crazy...

You know sometimes people do all the right things, but it still turns out wrong.

The story here is Slick. He is a black and white tobiano gelding, 13 years old.
His owner was a slight and non robust man, but he loved Slick. Unfortunately he had a bad scare on the horse and even though he made sure Slick had his shots (right ) and his feet shod on a regular basis ( right) and he was kept in a nice stable (right ) and he was fed all the yummy alfalfa he could eat ( not so right), he didn't get Slick out of his stall. (Wrong.) Poor Slick has been standing (mostly) in his 12x12 metal stall with only one small window to peek out of for the last five years.
You would think that any horse asked to spend his life in nearly total isolation would be territorial and mean. You would think that his poor horsey mind ( never a strong point in any horse) would be totally fried.

I tried to buy Slick a few years back. I kept Desi in the stall next to him, but the stalls were like ovens in the summer(literally) and I had to get Desi out of there. The owner said he wanted to sell him, but he refused my offer. I moved Desi out and for the last three years, when the temps would soar, I would be haunted by the thought of poor Slick standing sweating in that hot box.
I got an e-mail from one of the boarders of that barn a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to know if I wanted Slick- the owner had finally been convinced to let him go.
Now, usually when someone offers me a free horse, I say Thanks but No. Free horses are NEVER free.
But I said maybe this time and went out to meet the owner and talk to him.
I warned him that some people come to get free horses and then take them to the killer, and to be careful. He said he understood. I told him that everyone knew me and to check around and be sure he felt comfortable giving me his horse.
I didn't hear anything for while. I heard through the grapevine that the owner had sold Slick to someone else.
Ok, that's fine. I hoped the horse got a good home. Then two days ago,out of the blue, the owner called me back, said I could have Slick- for $1.00.
I picked Slick up today.
He got right into my trailer, and when I got him to the temporary digs he was so happy!  Imagine seeing the sun and feeling the fresh air in your mane after being in solitary for years!
He has a buddy- Charlie- in the paddock next door.
Evidently the owner tried checking into the background of the other people and found out that they didn't have the stables they had said they did, and some other shady type stuff, so he nixed that deal and called me.
I'm glad I warned him to check things out.
So now I have a project horse.
Slick is about 150-200 pounds overweight.
His mind is not fried- as a matter of fact he's a sweetheart. Flapping bags, other horses, trains whistles- nothing has phased him yet.
I'll put him on a diet and start doing some basic ground work. Then we will see how he reacts to riding.
Hopefully he will be as willing and happy as he was when he saw his new paddock today.
He's not taking place of The Colt- oh no- I have my heart set on that. But hopefully I have rescued Slick from a unhappy situation ( for him) and can find another good owner- but one who will use him as he was intended, as a riding partner and friend. 
I'll post some pictures in a few days.
Crazy huh?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Burning and Important Question

My Hubby and I were travelling this week, going through beautiful rolling California countryside. 

We pass acres and acres of pastureland, usually inhabited by cattle. 

Cows of every shape and color. 

As we rolled past, my hubby, a non-cowboy, asked me questions about cows. 
Such as, 

 "What are they all doing out there?"

" How come they all face the same way"

"Will they fight off a coyote or a dog?'

"Why can't you ride them?"

" Do only bulls have horns?"

" Will bulls really try to hurt you?" 

...and of course,

" What kind of cow is that?" 

Here are a few of the kinds we saw~

(And I know that some of these pictures are not cows- but bulls) 

Black Angus

Belted Galloway 
I always called them CHP cows 'cuz they look like a California Highway Patrol car! 




Polled Hereford

This particular breed is very popular in the region we were passing through- it is Dairy country!

He recognized this breed from the "City Slickers" movie.


Red Angus

Texas Longhorn



This is a Simmental too- isn't he purty!

Here are a few we didn't see- but they are so darn cute I had to add them...

Miniature Belted Galloway's. They come in three colors!

I saw one of these up close and in person at the Grand National Livestock Show about ten years ago. The size and scope of these horns are awesome to behold!

Doesn't looking at this just give you a headache?


And Now....

The Burning and Important Question....

Drum Roll Please.....

What breed of cow is this?

If anyone has a PROPER name for this breed,
I'd sure like to know...

I've NEVER heard anybody call them anything but

Black White Faced Cows. 

Seems like a real long moniker for the most common type of cow in the pasture, doesn't it? 

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Deal

 Before I tell you which horse I have decided I must have, I have a question for you all.

I've been buying and selling horses for a lot of years... since I was about 11. I learned how to buy and sell from my Dad who used to take me with him when he bought and sold. I don't know how much he really knew- he wasn't raised around horses, but hey- I was little, thought the sun shined because he said so and took it all in like a sponge takes up water.
I read books about horse trading and hung around every old crusty cowboy ( and a few young saucy ones) that would allow it. In the course of my hard knocks education I learned a few things about buying and selling.
The world has spun around a few times since I was 11, and I'm not selling as many as I used to. It occurred to me while looking for a new horse that things have really changed in that aspect of the world.

Then- read a paper or hear about a horse to buy from someone.
Now- scour the internet websites.

Then- drive to the barn and see the horse.
Now- Ask to see a video.

Then- Saddle the horse and take your chances
Now-Ask what discipline the horse has been trained in. Twirl a stick and play a few games before asking to ride.

Then- Use your eyes and ears and hands- Feel the legs, the back, the shoulder, look in the mouth at the teeth, under the tail, around the cinch area.
Now- Get a vet to cert the horse. Get x-rays.

Then- peel off a few bills and load the horse into your trailer.
Now- get a cashiers check, ask for payment options, have one trainer deliver to another trainer. Get a guarantee.

Then- Have Dad buy a horse at the auction, bring it home and let the kids ride until it was too tired to move.
Now- Tell your trainer how much you want to spend and what style of riding you are going to try.

Of course I am exaggerating just a tiny bit ( only the ' now'  parts) !

Here is the Question- What do you do differently NOW when you are ready to buy a new horse?

Ok- The Deal isn't quite finished yet. I still have to find Desi a great home before I can complete The Deal, but it is going to happen.


The horse that I MUST have ( and I am trying not to fall in love with him yet in case I can't pay for him) is


The Colt is 2 years old, red roan. He's just started and has a great temperament. I've had my eye on him all summer, but they didn't want to sell him. Then they changed their minds, but I didn't want a stallion and he was a lot more money than I thought I could afford. The trainer had sent him home, but now she has him back. I went out and rode him about two weeks ago and I really like him a lot.
We are still working out The Deal- and that is one thing that I have never had to do before. But I am down with it, and as soon as I can I am going to make this boy my new show pony.

Here is the trainer riding him for me. He has about 30 days riding here. Note the draped rein and the flat kneed scopey way of going.... the cute head and ears.... think we'll be noticed in the ring? You betcha!

And here is Lil Mama riding him. 
No one ever takes pictures of me riding! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the September Auction- goodies galore!

The auction was Tuesday and Wednesday. I was lucky enough to work Sunday for the preview. Usually they put me in the Gallery for Sundays and I don't get to see this stuff until Tuesday ( auction day) and I never get a chance to bid. 
Of course, I have to bid absentee- company rules- so I fill out my form with the maximum amount I am willing to pay. There is no chance for me to raise my bids, I have to stand by my original amounts. 

There was so much at this auction too! Over two thousand lots over two days! I worked my little hiney off! 
I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to listen to the auctioneer so I don't know what the hammer price was for most of these items. 
Here is just a sample of what was in the auction....

This is a cute pine corner cabinet, hand painted!

A Devils Mask. Hand carved wood. There was also had a Cheetah mask  in the lot. 

Loved this Queen sized Pine bed.  It had matching side tables.

The best red leather chairs. I really wanted these but I knew they would go high- and they did! $250 for the pair ( Totally worth it too!) 

A nice set of silver and white porecelin dishes. It was all there too- plates, cups, cream and sugar set and a serving bowl and meat platter to boot!
There was also a buffet table of dark wood, a 14 inch hand carved Kachina of a Clown eating watermelon and a huge lot of kitchenware.

I bid on all of it ! 


 got none of it!!! 

Probably for the best... still putting money away for "The Deal". 

Oh... haven't I filled you all in yet?   


It will have to wait until tomorrow! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

I know how this guy feels!

I had to giggle when I saw this video. I sure know how hard it is to be a bystander when your kids are out there showing. But really...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tying up loose ends-

I am going to try and tie up some loose ends today~ Things that I have been too busy to sort in the last week or so.

1. I am so glad that any of you blogger buddies living on the East Coast have survived Hurricane Irene!

2. I have not cut my hair. It is longer than ever and just as hateful.

3. The filly I blogged about earlier is ok. She is older than the picture showed, a leggy yearling now. She isn't being starved, but she was a little thin and maybe a little wormy. I didn't buy her because I am saving my resources to finish~

4. ~The Deal. I have made a decision about which horse I am going to buy. Thus- The Deal. As soon as it is all said and done, I will let y'all know which one I've chosen.

5. I haven't been able to post anything on blogger because the browser I was using sucks. I'm changing to Google Chrome and we will see if that makes a difference....

6. Auction's this week! I have a new phone with a better camera so we shall see if the pictures are more alluring...

7. And though I hate the end of summer worse than a visit to my GYN- I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.