Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Zoom~

Every year in September there is a big Draft Horse Show. They call it the Draft Horse Classic and it is spectacular! The first picture is a shot from the Grandstand showing a four up rail. ( That is the term for this type of wagon). The horses are Clydesdales but I'm sorry to say I cannot remember the name of the Company driving them. 

This picture is showing the line up for the six horse hitch. There are almost always two riders on these wagons; a 'whip' who is the reinsman, and his co-pilot. They drive six horses at once, each horse has only one rein running back to the whip. The co-pilot keeps the reins or 'lines' straightened out into the bed of the wagon, and when they line up they also get out and hold the team- that is why the woman in the dress is holding the horses. Her team was matched Percherons, the wagon a polished natural wood, the harness was black and chrome. Boy they were pretty! The two adjoining teams were both Belgians. This was taken with a cell phone camera BTW!

For my last photo in the challenge I chose a picture of a nearby lake. I like the lines of the path, the fence and the water, softened by the trees in the background.