Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pinners beware- invite enclosed.

If any of you wish to follow me on Pinterest, you can always ask me for an invitation. All I need is your e-mail address. Once I've invited you it is simple to begin.
Send your e-mail to my email at . Be sure to put Pin ME in the subject line!

In other news I've written two articles for the   Examiner. Click on the link and go to the search bar. Type in my name, Barbara Glenn and my articles should be listed there. I'm open for suggestions about new articles you'd like to see, so send them on in to me!

AND- I've been hired an additional three days a week at Michaan's Auction house as one of their receiving clerks. So I have a real j.o.b. again. Hubby is happy ( until his supper isn't forthcoming) and I'm happy to be able to have a little extra dough to spend on my p.o.n.y!

Horse show for Rem and I in three weeks! Yikes!