Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camping- sort of...

Lil Mama, The Hunter and LC,along with the rest of the Port-a-gee clan went for a weekend camping trip at Collins Lake. They said Mimi and I could come along so we did. We took Lola with us so my Hubby wouldn't be overwhelmed with two puppies at home.

Collins Lake is really a very nice man made lake, and since one of Lil Mama's friends had a boat, we had a good time. Mimi tried wake boarding ( which is like snowboarding except in the water). She never made it to her feet. So she went 'tubing' in which you tie a inner-tube to the back of the boat and go like crazy around the lake until the passengers on the tube go flying off ( and wiping out). Fun for everyone!
But the campground has a lot to be desired. Not only is it the weekend before 4th of July, it was a full moon and the campground was packed! We were stacked up like cordwood. It was not peaceful. Someone nearby was having a family fight, someone else brought the whole garage band and played non stop for five hours. They sounded good, but five hours! And none of the little kids ( of which there were MANY), would go to sleep as long as the music was playing so loudly.
When they finally stopped- at 10:30 PM, the 'camp' still was a rockin' until 2 AM. Needless to say I got very little sleep. It felt a lot like Deadwood around there, people fighting, cursing, fires everywhere, people swimming in the dark... well you get the picture.
This was Lola's first foray into the world of men. She has never seen a lake before, so of course Mimi taught her to swim.

It was pretty funny. By the end of the afternoon she was swimming like a pro!
She was such a good little dogie too, never barking at other people or dogs. The only time she got nervous was when we locked ourselves into the tent and tried to sleep. She couldn't see anything, only hear all the crazy noise, and she was going to do her best to protect or warn us from anything outside. Good little girl. She finally settled down,( about 2 when everyone else passed out) burrowed into the sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Ya know I didn't feel too bad when I got up at 5 AM to take my walk and feed the dog - and all of their dogs set out a' howlin!

Revenge is sweet!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

OMG! The funniest thing on TV

I want to start out saying that I have a lot of gay friends. I love a good ( and sometimes bad)gay. I DO live in California, after all, and within spittin' distance from beautiful San Francisco, a gay mecca.

So when I first heard about The Fabulous Beekman Boys I went " SNAP! That looks like a dumb show."

And ya know what, it is! But in a really good way!

These two 'boys' have come from different places, neither of them have probably ever even seen an animal before except maybe the New York Zoo. But they have left their old lives behind them and embarked upon living the life of Country Farmers in upstate New York.

Hilarity ensues!

Brent is an ex Martha Stewart executive. Can you say OCD? Everything has to be perfect, from the tractor buckets lining up at the end of the day, to a very clean piglet in the barn.

Josh was a DQ- and I don't mean Dressage Queen! No, a real life Drag Queen and with the name of Aqua -something, and her claim to fame was that she had fake globes where her boobs were suppose to be and in those globes were live fish.

I can't make this stuff up people!

Josh could actually be my bestest friend. I used to have a gay BFF, but he went jumped the train straight into crazy town and now we don't speak. Well actually I speak at him, but nothing I can write about here. It's just too naughty to say...'nother story.


They freely admit that everything they know about farming they learned from the internet! But they do have a man on the farm they call Farmer John ( really that is his name.) Farmer John raises goats and the boys make goat soap and goat cheese and goat milk and raise veggies and sell all of it on their farm. Farmer JOhn loves his goats to the point of tears-literally. Ever seen a Bear cry? (FYI: Bears are big gay guys that don't really look 'gay', but kinda big and rough and huggable.)

The name Beekman is the historic name of the farm and is also now their 'brand' label.
If you can get the Green channel or Planet Green drop in on the Beekman boys and just let their fabulousness wash over you.
I wanted to include a clip, but the embedding is disabled- so do yourselves a favor and google them on You Tube,(Model walk is my favorite!).

It is the funniest half hour on TV right now. I' kid' you not!

Puppy pictures

I took Tripps to the vet today for his check up. He is perfect, of course! The vet said so and I believe her.

Tripps has gained two pounds in five days. No wonder- he eats 4 cups of food per day! And he eats every scrap!

He and Lola are getting to be good buddies. They tussle and roll and fight, and Tripps holds his own, barking fiercely at Lola, who is relentless in her play biting. She will finally back off when he gets serious!

It won't be long before Tripps is much bigger than Lola. Lola weighs about 15-16 pounds right now and not going to get much bigger at 9 months. Tripps should top out at 160-170.
So I'll try to keep you updated on the pictures, I know he is going to grow so fast I won't remember how little and cute he was!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Started Already!

I love books. I own literally HUNDREDS of them, from picture books to paperback murder mysteries.

I absolutly love summer reading too. What is better than lying under a big shady tree on a comfy chaise lounge, with a big ol frost drink nearby and a book!

Answer is -Nuthin!

This year I began my summer reading with a fairly new author: Sophie Littlefield. The book is the above mentioned A Bad Day For Pretty.

Well, the title had my attention from the get go. It's a bad day for... is a common theme in my neck of the county, so I was intriqued to see what this book had to say.

Stella Hardesty takes her place amoung the better female heros. She isn't a dectective, but she knows one. She isn't a cop, but she dispenses justice. She isn't a criminal, but sometimes she shies around the letter of the law. She is a vigalante and a menopausal cranky one at that. I liked her right away!
Her object of affection is one ruggedly handsome 'Goat' Jones, he's the Sheriff. Goat has a thing for Stella too, but unfortunatly there is a little complication in this plot- an ex wife that suddenly blows into town- literally- on the skirts of a tornado. That's when things get a little'western'.
The tornado unearths a corpse, Goats 'ex' is hell bent on making Stella a memory and Stella is just trying to find out the who and why of the murder.

" Who said it always had to be the the men who went out and set the world straight? Sometimes there were no men around to do the job, and sometimes, it seemed to her, a woman was the better candidate anyway. A woman might not have brute strength, but she had cunning and determination and creative problem solving skills. Women were used to juggling six things at once..."

Though Stella owns and operates a sewing shop, her real voacation is getting justice for battered and abused women. With the help of Chrissy, one of her former clients, she dispenses justice with an acid tongue and a secretly melting heart.

Full of earthy language, a tight plot and compelling characters, A Bad Day for Pretty is a fun read.
So much fun in fact that I have ordered Sophie's first novel, A Bad Day for Sorry. I fully expect to find that one as engaging as "Pretty."

Friday, June 11, 2010

He's here! Welcome Home Tripps!

I've been waiting for this puppy since August when I found and talked to the Breeders in Texas!

This is Captain Tripps( named after Jerry Garcia!)
He is 9 weeks old and weighs 21 lbs.

Isn't he a beautiful puppy?
He and Lola are quickly making friends, and the cats have vamoosed to parts unknown.

Tonight will be the first night at home. There will probably be whining and crying at bedtime, but if that happens I'll just tell Hubby to go to the couch!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The perfect horse !

This ad was on Craigs list this morning. Now you know how I feel about people selling horses on Craigs list, but this is a new one on me!

"I am looking for my dream horse. I am looking for a black gelding or stallion with white sock and a white blaze. I am willing to pay for the right horse but not an outragious price. Prefer young and does not have to be broke. If you think you might have what I am looking please feel free to email! "

    This seems like a relatively intelligent person, minor spelling errors, mostly correct punctuation.

    But REALLY?

    Advertising for a horse ( stallion! WTF!) because of his COLOR!!!

    That is what makes a perfect horse in this yahoo's teeny mind!

    Either she, ( ya know it is a she don't ya?) is a youngster, or/and is confident in her ability to train ANY such Dream Horse' she finds, or she just don't care. My vote goes towards the latter.

    I wonder if she knows that Breyer has a DreamHorse for just about anyone?

    Hey! I wonder if this would work for men?

    " Looking for my perfect man, must have brown hair and brown eyes."

    This guy is a lot different than say...

    This guy.....

    or this guy.....

    or this guy....

    or this guy~

    Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but choosing a horse by color is like choosing a house because you like a house with shutters.

    Unfortunately a lot of people I have tried to help buy a horse start out with the same request- and I paraphrase...
    "I want a insert favorite color here."

    I could go on, but I won't.

    Good luck Little Miss I Want A Black Stallion!

    You are going to need it.