Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Notice Something?

Notice something in the two pictures? (Besides my oversized thighs? )Something that is missing perhaps?
Something that isn't there?
Should I give you a hint?
Something that ....
looks great!
And is cost effective!
Something that most people don't do to their own Show Ponies?
Something .....Retro?
OK.... It is...
Desi's mane- or his lack of one!
That's right- I roach!
I said it!
Uh -huh! I do it! No Shame in it!
Did you notice? Did you miss it? Doesn't he look good with it gone?

I think he looks 100% better roached, and there is no banding or braiding to do! Just wash, scrub, oil and VOILA! Pretty!
I'd like to do it to myself sometimes!
What kind of manes do your horses sport! I want pictures!