Monday, November 8, 2010

Turkey Time...Already!~

I went to the supermarket yesterday and I was actually surprised to see heaps of turkeys in the meat dept. I had forgotten that it is only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving!


Luckily I will only have Mimi and Daddy Jesus for dinner. Lil Mama and The Hunter and TLC usually go to his mama's house. So I only need a medium sized turkey this year- we will have to have some leftovers after all.
I usually serve Turkey and gravy and green beans with bacon, yams and marshmallows and ice tea and wine.  And of course punkin' pie- my favorite!

What fun or funky dishes do you like to serve?

AND just for fun I am going to post daily something to be Thankful for.

                                                              Starting today. Feel free to join me!

I am thankful for my two healthy children. They have been more than a blessing in my life, if that is possible. They continue to teach me new things every day.