Monday, January 10, 2011

Beware the feeble minded- DON'T READ THIS BLOG TODAY

If you are feeble minded, easily led, susceptible to suggestion or get angry enough to kill because you see disturbing visual images- GO NO FURTHER ON THIS BLOG!

I usually refrain from talking about three things- Politics, religion and how you raise your kids.
I figure you have every right to raise your kids as you see fit as long as you aren't abusing or neglecting them. And if you are religious I am not going to change you from a Catholic to a Mormon ( I'm neither BTW) by giving you my views on Jesus, Golden Tablets or stone ones. I believe in God and have my own vision, and I sure don't want to defend myself against yours. Same with politics.

 But the shooting of the Congresswoman and the killing of innocent people who had come to meet her has me upset. I genuinely feel great sadness for their families. The boy who shot them is truly disturbed. I trust that he will be dealt with in a lawful fashion, as I must.

What really has me angry though, is the absurd notion that Sarah Palin had any thing to do with that boys mental health, the reason he had firearms or that she is culpable in any way for their deaths.

Saying so is akin to saying that The Beatles are responsible for the murders committed by Charles Manson because they made the White Album. Or that Jodie Foster is responsible for John Hinkley Jr because she depicted a character shooting a gun in her movies. Or that the creators of any website, book, movie or video game is going to be responsible for others going out and shooting someone else.
Shall we talk about censorship?

The Liberals have targeted Sarah Palin in their own way. I know she is capable of defending herself, but as a certified Handgun Instructor I do feel angry that this is just one more way they are trying to take our basic freedoms away. 

I have every right to feel this way.
You can disagree.

My point is that if you are feeble minded and unstable, and you want to go out and kill someone, you are probably going to do it. If you can't get a gun, you will use a knife, or a bow, or a Buick. The rest of us, the individuals that have governors on our brains, emotions and actions will not- under any circumstance- go out and kill anyone with anything.

Do we need to protect ourselves from these mentally deficient individuals? Yes. Are there rules in place to prevent unstable, crazy or felonious individuals from acquiring weapons? Yes- Many. Can those rules be circumvented- You bet your bippy!

I own guns.
I like guns.
I am free and over twenty one with no criminal record and it is my right to carry and use a gun.I don't need anyone telling me that I can't. As long as I stay within the laws of my State and my God I will continue to use and enjoy ( Yep I said it- ENJOY!) firearms. 

As a matter of fact, here are a few of my favorite types of guns.

                                                                         BEWARE !!!!      

                                       SECOND CHANCE TO BAIL ON THIS BLOG!!!!!!
If you are feeble minded,mentally deficient, susceptible to suggestion or on a murderous rampage - go no further! Gun pictures posted below!!

This a Sturm Ruger Vaquero, Single Action Revolver. Comes in .22, .357 and .45 calibers. I have had and shot all three. It is my favorite gun for target practice. You can hit anything with a gun like this and it is PRETTY!!! All of mine have custom ivory grips. I have holsters that I wear around my hips. I have never shot anyone with this kind of gun. Not ever! Not even when I disagree with their political beliefs.

These are Colt Detective 'Snubbies'. They are great for personal defense. Never leave home without one! They are .38 caliber, and you can get them in chrome or blue. I have a blue one. I keep it next to my bed. I keep it loaded. I have never shot anyone with a gun like this. NOT EVER. Not even once. I have never even nicked someone in the knee or the shoulder or the hand, like in the movies.

This is a Smith and Wesson model 60, .38 caliber. Mine has grips with a Crimson Trace sight. I love this gun. I love Smith and Wesson revolvers. When you point them and squeeze the trigger they always go BANG. No need to remember to take off the safety, remember if you have one in the pipe, worry whether the clip has bullets in it or if it will jam. It won't. Excellent weapon for anyone to use for self defense. I have never shot anyone with a weapon like this. Never. Ever.

And I don't expect any of you will go out and shoot anyone either. Not ever. Not for any reason.
Not with any one of these firearms.
But you have the right and the duty to defend yourself against some mental midget who might.
And these firearms are good choices against that day.
Stay Well Armed my friends.