Saturday, January 7, 2012

Has Spring actually Sprung?

For three weeks the weather here in the Bay Area of California has been cold. Not 'North Dakota I'm in Hell Cold'- but in the 30's. There has been little rain since the day I was stuck on the Freeway two or so months ago. While I'm not complaining now, I probably will later.  
It was nearly 70 degrees here for the last three days! Balmy and Spring like!
It was such good weather, and since there is only one horse to ride, I have no real job again and time to kill I  decided to make up jobs for myself.
Painting my Trail Poles was what I came up with.  I guess in retrospect is is also a way to keep my dream of riding a good trail horse alive.

I bought the paint and set out to the barn.

Coming around the corner to the barn, and not seeing the familiar blaze face of Desi standing there waiting for me was kind of a hard moment. Here is a picture of Desi and his new family, Tracy and Mike. They look good don't they!

I swallowed hard and put it behind me.

This is what the trail poles looked like. They didn't get any paint last year. 

I let Bob out into the arena where I was working. Lil Mama has been sick with the flu so I was helping her out , but it turns out he was going to help me! 

He started by picking up the paint brushes and the feed bag tarp- so I had to put him back in his pen.

I painted everything in a creamy off white.

Then I painted the ends Red, and the middles yellow.
I painted the short poles too, and did alternating red stripes and yellow stripes. I painted the pole braces yellow and red too. When it is all together in a pattern it will be so cheerful! And the colors will make it easier for me to mark where I need to ride across the poles. 
I let Milo out on the second day. He ignored me mostly. 
As I was taking my paints and brushes out of the arena, he was actually asleep in the warm warm sun. 
But by time I got back, he was up and nosing around the almost dry poles. 
Can you see why I said 'almost'? He had to see what I was up to and now his nose is covered in yellow enamel paint!
Linda wasn't too upset. It should wear off soon.

I went out and rode Slick today. No pictures, but I'll post some new ones soon.
Slick is losing weight, and he feels very frisky! Our ride yesterday was quite spirited! His shoulders are getting more free, and he's beginning to understand that his neck need to be lower, that he needs to be on the bit. I'm only getting a stride or two before his head is popping up like a weasel at lunch time, but he is starting to get it.
There were lots of Bicycles out today, and he only spooked at one of them. And that spook was just a straight up and down, no sideways movement. I changed his bit to a heavy slow twist, and he sees to be responding a little better. 
So every day I am getting the 1% that I strive for.


Tomorrow is Annex auction day! Stay tuned for cool stuff I'll be posting all day on FB!
See something you like and go to to bid.

And still no new horse. Long story. Share later.

Ride your ponies and kiss their noses!