Friday, February 18, 2011

He who laughs last..

Haha! We were all here enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather, just dreaming about blooming trees and flower gardens...sigh

When  BAM!

We get a winter storm! And it is a cold one! Snow down to 2000 feet~ means it is covering our little mountain top and the mountain tops in Santa Cruz and Marin. The Sierra's are packed!

Of course California water regulators and such will still cry about our drought conditions, and that we don't have enough water ya da ya da. That is another stry completly.

I'm just glad I resisted temptation and did not plant any new flowers in my garden. They would have frozen!
The worst part of the rain is that we were just starting to dry out and I was riding every other day getting Desi in shape for  our show in a few weeks.

Now I'll have to wait and start  over again.