Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the September Auction- goodies galore!

The auction was Tuesday and Wednesday. I was lucky enough to work Sunday for the preview. Usually they put me in the Gallery for Sundays and I don't get to see this stuff until Tuesday ( auction day) and I never get a chance to bid. 
Of course, I have to bid absentee- company rules- so I fill out my form with the maximum amount I am willing to pay. There is no chance for me to raise my bids, I have to stand by my original amounts. 

There was so much at this auction too! Over two thousand lots over two days! I worked my little hiney off! 
I was so busy that I didn't get a chance to listen to the auctioneer so I don't know what the hammer price was for most of these items. 
Here is just a sample of what was in the auction....

This is a cute pine corner cabinet, hand painted!

A Devils Mask. Hand carved wood. There was also had a Cheetah mask  in the lot. 

Loved this Queen sized Pine bed.  It had matching side tables.

The best red leather chairs. I really wanted these but I knew they would go high- and they did! $250 for the pair ( Totally worth it too!) 

A nice set of silver and white porecelin dishes. It was all there too- plates, cups, cream and sugar set and a serving bowl and meat platter to boot!
There was also a buffet table of dark wood, a 14 inch hand carved Kachina of a Clown eating watermelon and a huge lot of kitchenware.

I bid on all of it ! 


 got none of it!!! 

Probably for the best... still putting money away for "The Deal". 

Oh... haven't I filled you all in yet?   


It will have to wait until tomorrow! 


Shirley said...

I'd have a hard time at that auction house, I'd have to sit on my hands. I'm clerking an Estate Auction on Sept. 17, my husband is one of the auctioneers.

Maia said...

I couldn't go to that auction, I'd have to have UHaul truck to take everything home and then once I got there, as Rickie Ricardo used to say, "I'd have some splainin to do."

OK which horse did you pick. Dieing of curiosity