Sunday, April 12, 2009

This has been a tough week blogger friends. If you read Mommy In Spurs blog, you'll know that I was verbally attacked by someone I thought was my friend. I was accused of something I didn't do and what can be worse than that? I take my integrity very seriously~ and as you all know, and what this blog makes clear to me daily, the horse world is a small world indeed. I try to live my life right and let my good reputation speak for me, but I know that no matter what I do in this situation, it is not going to be enough for the accusers, they will not be happy, and they will continue to sully my name.
This puts my horselife in an uproar and it is only likely to get worse before it gets better. Desi tried to colic in the middle of all this. Our weather has been so crazy, hot-cold,rain-sun, and I think because I had changed his blanket he might have gotten cold and stopped drinking water. I warmed him up with a hot bran mash, bute and some green grass so he's all straightened out now.

But that isn't the end of my really hard week.

One of my Horsemen's members, a 16 year old girl, took her horse to a show in Fresno. It was a cross country event, and her trainer was with her. Somehow , not on the course, but during a warm up, her horse tripped and she was thrown. She suffered brain injury and is in a coma. That is all that I know and the not knowing is just the worst part. She and her family are so far away, and how do you call for information or offer to help when you don't even know where they are? I am relying on third hand information to follow her progress. I can only pray to a higher power to help them. And in light of their suffering I feel so small and insignifigant with my measly little problem.
I am sure glad a new week starts in a few hours! It has got to be better than the last one... right?