Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is a lot of fun at our house-especially this year with Jr helping!

OD carved this pumpkin- I swear she's like Edward Scissor-hands~ whacky- wack and voila! This beautiful pumpkin!

Then Lil Mama carved her pumpkin- it was HUGE! And thick too! Took awhile but she ended up with this-

Jr was helping clean the guts out with this long spoon- but soon decided that it was much more fun smearing them around the floor. So he did that for awhile! 

I finished my pumpkin and here it is-

Then Lil Mama got on her makeup- and put the Littlest Cowboy in his and we went a trick or treatin'.

All too soon it was dark and the Littlest Cowboy was rubbing his little eyes. Time to put him to bed. 
OD and I baked a cake and some cookies after he left and settled down with a nice cup of tea! 
HAppy Halloween my friends! I hope you all had as much fun as we all did!