Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry for the delay- please do not change the channel..

Sorry blog friends, I haven't posted in such a long while. I have been fighting off a little tooth infection (((shudder))) and just have felt puny! Don't worry though, I'll soon be as right as rain. 
Meanwhile I've been working on our Annual Fundraising Event- The Battle of the Barns. 
BOB- as we call it- began fourteen or so years ago at the stable I ran with my Dad. We did little playdays for our boarders and we found out that the barn just down the road did the same thing. Well, one thing led to another ( need I mention that Beer was probably involved?)and before you know it we had combined our two play days into a competition. Then we thought,"Hey, lets make this a bigger event, add lots more people, and give the money to a local Charity!" So that is what we did!

 We have been doing the BOB for thirteen years now and have given our favorite Charity a big boost. Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center is located in Orinda California, and is completely funded by private donations. They have 5 equine partners and about 30-40 kids. As you all know riding helps these kids in so many ways, not just physically but emotionally as well. And the kids give all that right back to us! They are just the coolest kids you'll ever meet!  
Ten Teams (or Barns) compete in ten fun gymkhana type games, but they aren't all speed- we throw in some skill sets too- just to keep everyone on the same playing field. The action is fun and furious! (Who knew Gymkhana horses don't back up!) 

This years BOB will take place July 25 at the Martinez Waterfront Equestrian Park on Joe DiMaggio Drive. Spectators are encouraged to attend and pick a Team to root for. Admission for spectators is free! A BBQ lunch is served all day, we will have a terrific Raffle and at the end of the day we'll all get to see who wins this years title 'Best Barn in the Bay'. 

I wish you all could come cheer the teams, meet the greatest kids ever and of course hang out with me! But if you can't, I know you'll be with us in spirit. 

BTW- I am accepting donations for the raffle! 

I'll keep you all updated as the time gets closer, and of course I'll post pictures!