Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's finally Summer around here!

When I went out to the barn today it finally smelled like summer. The grass has dried up and turned golden ( even though we had late rains) and the aroma of hot bay trees, oaks and grass was strong in the cool of the morning. I was able to go out and ride yesterday and today~ I'm lovin' it!. Of course I have to work the next whole week- so I probably won't get to see the pony until next Saturday, if then.
You see- it is going to be Jr's third birthday!
Remember when he was a little mite and we drug his tiny little bundled up body out with us to the barn?
Well we still do!
Today he asked to ride Bob! So we put hm up there, I walked next to him and Mom led Bob around in a circle, over poles and around cones. Jr loved it.