Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Burning and Important Question

My Hubby and I were travelling this week, going through beautiful rolling California countryside. 

We pass acres and acres of pastureland, usually inhabited by cattle. 

Cows of every shape and color. 

As we rolled past, my hubby, a non-cowboy, asked me questions about cows. 
Such as, 

 "What are they all doing out there?"

" How come they all face the same way"

"Will they fight off a coyote or a dog?'

"Why can't you ride them?"

" Do only bulls have horns?"

" Will bulls really try to hurt you?" 

...and of course,

" What kind of cow is that?" 

Here are a few of the kinds we saw~

(And I know that some of these pictures are not cows- but bulls) 

Black Angus

Belted Galloway 
I always called them CHP cows 'cuz they look like a California Highway Patrol car! 




Polled Hereford

This particular breed is very popular in the region we were passing through- it is Dairy country!

He recognized this breed from the "City Slickers" movie.


Red Angus

Texas Longhorn



This is a Simmental too- isn't he purty!

Here are a few we didn't see- but they are so darn cute I had to add them...

Miniature Belted Galloway's. They come in three colors!

I saw one of these up close and in person at the Grand National Livestock Show about ten years ago. The size and scope of these horns are awesome to behold!

Doesn't looking at this just give you a headache?


And Now....

The Burning and Important Question....

Drum Roll Please.....

What breed of cow is this?

If anyone has a PROPER name for this breed,
I'd sure like to know...

I've NEVER heard anybody call them anything but

Black White Faced Cows. 

Seems like a real long moniker for the most common type of cow in the pasture, doesn't it?