Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anyone have a pencil?...Anyone....a pen perhaps?

"Oh just bring that baby over here," I said to my daughter. " I don't care if he has a little cold."
Famous last words to be sure.
Now I have had a killer cold for the last four days- AND I have totally lost my voice.
LOST it...
Gone.. whoo hoo... bye bye.
Hardly can even squeek...
Hubby loves it....
Me...not so much!
Of course I got the phone call I have been waiting for on the first day... you know the PHONE call from a woman that might want me to manage her boarding stable...that phone call.
I tried making my voice deep...still no voice... I tried whispering loudly...nope- didn't work either.
She was very sweet- gave me her e-mail address so I could write to her and send my resume.
GREAT! This will work!
I log on...

........and nothing.
The cable company has gone all digital or some suchathing and in the process my modem has lost it's signal.

I try to re-boot. Everything goes on and off a bunch of times, to no avail.
No problem, I think, I'll just call the cable company and they can resend the signal and all will be well- I'll be able to write the nice lady a letter and send my resume.


I have NO VOICE! Can't talk to cable guys... or can I?

Not to be deterred, I dial up the 800 number, get the push button stuff that i usually hate, and beep boop beep- the modem flashes and all seems well.

Everyone with a working modem take two steps forword...Hey wait a minute- Not so fast Vaquerogirl!

Still no Internet- SHOOT!

It must be the wireless modem- oh no! Those people are a nightmare to work with.

Stew stew stew-light bulb goes on.
(Remember this is all with a wicked cold, no voice, a mild fever and on massive doses of cold medicine).

I unplug everything. And wait. Then replug everything. And wait.
Turn on the program- click click click!
Finally back on line!

Hurrah- I need a nap!

Sent the resume. Still waiting on word, but I expect a call on Monday, perhaps an interview on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I just hope my voice will have returned by then!