Friday, September 9, 2011

The Deal

 Before I tell you which horse I have decided I must have, I have a question for you all.

I've been buying and selling horses for a lot of years... since I was about 11. I learned how to buy and sell from my Dad who used to take me with him when he bought and sold. I don't know how much he really knew- he wasn't raised around horses, but hey- I was little, thought the sun shined because he said so and took it all in like a sponge takes up water.
I read books about horse trading and hung around every old crusty cowboy ( and a few young saucy ones) that would allow it. In the course of my hard knocks education I learned a few things about buying and selling.
The world has spun around a few times since I was 11, and I'm not selling as many as I used to. It occurred to me while looking for a new horse that things have really changed in that aspect of the world.

Then- read a paper or hear about a horse to buy from someone.
Now- scour the internet websites.

Then- drive to the barn and see the horse.
Now- Ask to see a video.

Then- Saddle the horse and take your chances
Now-Ask what discipline the horse has been trained in. Twirl a stick and play a few games before asking to ride.

Then- Use your eyes and ears and hands- Feel the legs, the back, the shoulder, look in the mouth at the teeth, under the tail, around the cinch area.
Now- Get a vet to cert the horse. Get x-rays.

Then- peel off a few bills and load the horse into your trailer.
Now- get a cashiers check, ask for payment options, have one trainer deliver to another trainer. Get a guarantee.

Then- Have Dad buy a horse at the auction, bring it home and let the kids ride until it was too tired to move.
Now- Tell your trainer how much you want to spend and what style of riding you are going to try.

Of course I am exaggerating just a tiny bit ( only the ' now'  parts) !

Here is the Question- What do you do differently NOW when you are ready to buy a new horse?

Ok- The Deal isn't quite finished yet. I still have to find Desi a great home before I can complete The Deal, but it is going to happen.


The horse that I MUST have ( and I am trying not to fall in love with him yet in case I can't pay for him) is


The Colt is 2 years old, red roan. He's just started and has a great temperament. I've had my eye on him all summer, but they didn't want to sell him. Then they changed their minds, but I didn't want a stallion and he was a lot more money than I thought I could afford. The trainer had sent him home, but now she has him back. I went out and rode him about two weeks ago and I really like him a lot.
We are still working out The Deal- and that is one thing that I have never had to do before. But I am down with it, and as soon as I can I am going to make this boy my new show pony.

Here is the trainer riding him for me. He has about 30 days riding here. Note the draped rein and the flat kneed scopey way of going.... the cute head and ears.... think we'll be noticed in the ring? You betcha!

And here is Lil Mama riding him. 
No one ever takes pictures of me riding!