Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Diggity!

I am blogging from the rolling grasslands of historic Marysville California. My friend Justride and her Spud Stud have gone off cowboy camping and I am ranch sitting for them. Woo Hoo! Twenty acres of grass,trees, a swimming pool and hot tub, a covered arena to DIE for and HDTV inside the new Trainers suite that they have been working on all winter. It is really more like a High End Hotel rather than a working ranch!
I turn the horses out, bring them in, give a few some exercise and feed everything twice a day. Other than that I am free to ride my own pony_ the Awful Desi_ or swim or tub or watch tv or shop- well the possibilities seem endless!
One bad thing did happen though. This morning when I got up to feed I could hear the cows bawling. So I did a head count of the horses- all there- and then started loooking around the ranch. In the furthest corner of the property, in the pond, I found a dead calf. He must have gotten stuck in the mud and couldn't get out! Justride left me phone numbers for just such an occasion, and so I called the top one. Her good neighbor and friend will come out later to dispose of the body. Thank goodness! I am not sure how I would have drug that calf out of there my veryown self! He's big!
Hopefully that will be the only casualty before Justride and the Spud Stud get home on Thursday.
Stay tuned...