Sunday, January 3, 2010

A new question

I am slowly meeting the boarders... one by one they have trooped into my office, sat in my skinny chair and told me about how things 'used' to be and how they want things better.
Of course, listening and taking notes, I have started a to do list- a list of things that really do need doing, but probably won't get done by this administration. Maybe the new owners can fix some of this stuff- things like a new roof, and complete removal of the paddock footing to make it drain better, and Electric lights in the pasture.
Most really just want more food and shavings, and I don't blame them. I will do what I can on that score.
I compiled a list, of sorts with names of owners and horses, and I have been adding to it daily. There are several boarders that were not in the pile of boarding agreements I received, but obviously have horses on the property. And I have horses with no owners.
I have a couple of abandoned horses, plus the pig and the goat and a really cute mini named Jelly bean!
I think I can find a home for Jellybean. I'll bring him home and put him in my backyard if I have to...
what do I do... and more importantly , what are other boarding stables doing... about abandoned horses?

It's not like there is a market for them. And one of them has leg or hoof issues, that I can't really assess because he can't be caught... AND he used to belong to a friend of mine...
who won't answer my e-mails about wanting him back....and the girl that is suppose to be caring for him, claims she sold him, but doesn't have any information on who she sold him to- (fishy fishy fishy) and SHE owes about a years worth of back rent to the other guy... and I am still feeding the little bugger.
As I see it my options are thus-
A. Call the County and see if they will come take him as an abandoned animal ( I seriously doubt that they will come though)
B. Catch him, and haul him to the local auction house. ( I have the authority within my boarding contracts, but I have a real problem with sending a horse to the KB's)
2. Catch him and euthanize him. That is going to cost me (the barn) about $500.

D.Keep feeding him and pass this problem on to the new owners.(eventually)

What would you do?