Thursday, October 30, 2008

What to do on a Wednesday

Hubby and I got up at the CRASH of Dawn this morning and set out for Nevada. It is a three to four hour trip from our home in the Bay Area, but we made it in three.This picture is near the top of the summit of the Great Sierra Nevada Mountains. The line running diagonal across the face of the mountain is the actual Transcontinental Railroad concieved by Thad Judea way back in 1860. It is a covered railroad track. Covered so that the train can still navigate through the snow. It always amazes me that not only did the pioneers navigate OVER this rough terrain, moving rocks and trees so their wagons could get through, but then they decided to go through it so a train could get through.Amazing. Of course this picture was taken from a fast moving Cadillac- so it isn't of the best quality ( see the note about three hours above).
We had some biz-nezz in Reno, and then we went to Virginia City. Silver was discovered here in 1850 something- the biggest deposit of silver ore found in the US of A. People from all over flocked to Virginia City to make their fortunes and many of them did. San Francisco's Nob Hill is full of Mansions built from the money obtained here. You can see from the top photo that there isn't a lot of the town left. But what is there is absolutly charming ( if you can look past the t-shirts and what-not.) Mark Twain started his writing career here, Mr. Sutro built his first tunnel. This is the biggest Landmark town still in existence- the whole thing is preserved ( in a fashion). Its haunted too! I know this for a fact- I come here often and have had weird and spooky things happen around me! Clocks that run backwards, weird sounds, blue lights, healing hands of unseen figures. UUmm- I just felt a shiver!!
And they have the cutest Wild Horse Museum, it's housed inside a railroad car. The woman there told me they did a helicopter count this spring and counted over 14,000 head. I don't know how I feel about that...hmmm..... a blog for another day.
How was your Wednesday?