Friday, March 18, 2011

For all the writers out there-

Check out the two new blogs on my bloglist remuda- Copyblogger and Karen S Elliotts Blog. They are both chock full of tips, information and encouragement for all. I feel like staying up all night to read through their blogs and then stay up all day tomorrow finishing that novel I've been stuck on.
I know a good percent of you out there are writers also so this is a spring time gift for you.

Go here and you can thank me later


Day six..

Though yesterday was sunny and warm- today it is raining again and cold. The wind is blowing and my hubby swears that there has been a tornado alert for San Francisco. ( I just think he didn't want me and the girls to go there tonight) So since I couldn't ride today, I decided to go out and try to finish clipping.

 The wind and the rain had nearly flooded the roads, but I got to the barn about 10:30. I'm thinking, 'OK, so it's wet- I'll just close the barn doors, turn up the radio and have myself a grand old time clipping Desi's mane and face.'


The girl that lives over the barn is moving back to Florida- and the movers were there doing what they do- move stuff.
Big heavy stuff....
....Big and heavy and scary looking stuff....
.........Big and heavy and scary looking stuff down the two flights of wooden stairs that end at the barn door.
So when I get there I saw the truck. It looked like it was nearly full. Ok- no big deal.

WRONG again.

 I got Desi out of his soggy pen, took off his muddy blanket and tied him inside the barn,just as one of the workers walked through the half open door carrying a big flattened moving box and tape gun. Without a word he starts flapping the box around, and rolling the tape gun -the tape screeching off the machine as they are want to do. 
I asked him to stop until I got my horse turned to face him- which he did.
Desi snorted and tensed, but  I kept talking to him and he was okay.
Bam bam bambambambambam
Desi -bless his lil pea pickin heart- started jumping straight up and down. He didn't pull back, thank goodness- the floor is cement and he might have slipped and fallen. He just jumped straight UP and then down- UP and then down. His little eyes were bugging out of his head as he goggled the big white mattress that suddenly appeared at the barn door.
So that's when I started thinking that I should have figured the movers weren't done and I was seriously questioning my powers of observation.
And I decided I could either put Des away and come back later  (no chance),
I could use this as a desensitizing tool and work through it. 

 I started rubbing on Desi's favorite itchy spot, and talking low and easy. He quit jumping, and then he sighed and relaxed , his body language saying... Well.Ma, if you aren't bothered I guess I won't be bothered either.
I groomed  for about 45 minutes before giving him a cookie and putting him away.
Needless to say I didn't get the mane clipped today- but I feel I did accomplish something; we built a little trust, had a little adventure and no one was maimed in the process.
Suppose to rain again tomorrow- I wonder what other challenges lay in store?