Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just one of the other things I'm doing

Just to shift the focus away from Desi for a minute- this is how I am paying for him and Glacier these days- I'm a garden slave! This is actually the home of the lady where I am boarding Glacier. She needed this garden revamped. These are the after photos actually. I didn't take any before pics ( I know- what a boob!) All the dirt areas were waist high in weeds when I started. You could hardly see the flagstone paths. The Patio in the back was covered by the oak tree and a rampant vine of some kind, which is now nicely trimmed back. ( although I need to climb a ladder and take off the huge limb hanging on the roof!)
You can still see some of the yellow weeds in the background in the first picture, but I am doing that area tomorrow. 
I enjoy the work, but boy! My legs are wiped out from stooping and pulling! And Lil Mamma wonders why I'm so tired at night- she forgets that I'm OLD! 
Tomorrow I'll try to have a Glacier update!