Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lemonade Stand

Well saddle up for the best Western Lemonade you ever tasted! It's got plenty of nice fresh lemons, mixed with some wild cactus juice to sooth a tired ol Cowgirl's thirst. Many thanks to all of you who sent me this award. I'll admit it was more than two! I guess you all think I needed a drink! Well I do! As long as it's with the likes of ALL Y'all! Really now, who wouldn't want to saddle up and head to the Oasis with any one of you?
I'm not going to forward this on to ten of you, I can't keep good tequila from all of you- but read through my blog Remuda to see who I follow and pick up their tracks. It's worth the little bit of dust in your eyes and blisters on your butt to read through the 'sign' they are sending. Do a little bit of backtrailing to see why I love 'em so much.
In the meantime, I'm gonna saddle up my ol pony and ride my cares away-with liberal doses of the 'lemonade' I might add- it's Ig-nausea -ation day. Lord help me!