Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Smooth as buttah...

Alarm going off on time- check
Papers in order- check
Driving through traffic to BART- check
Commuting with about a million other people- check
I didn't get off the train too early. Didn't get off the train too late.
 Located North from South.
Didn't mind the bums and they didn't mind me.
Arrived to work EARLY- CHECK!

Whew- I feel like such a grown up!

They gave me the tour. Also because it is an auction house the doors are always locked so they gave me the keypad combo. Check.
Went to the back and learned my new job. Left the back area and tried to get back in. Forgot the combo. ERK!
They gave it to me again.
Had to leave the back area again, but this time I remembered the combo! Whew- those Ginko pills must be working.

I found a few mistakes that the regular guy made. Why do I always feel like every question might be some sort of a test?
Good news- didn't do anythng really stupid.
Ate lunch by myself.
Walked the mile back to BART.
Caught the right Train. Didn't get off to early or too late. Drove home from the train station in ten minutes.

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY- the company is going to move 5 MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE SOON!

Hubby was so pleased that I went back to work he bought me a new purse- with a shoulder strap that I can sling over my shoulder like a bandolero- all the girls on the train are wearing them...
Whew! I Am Tuckered!
Early to beddy and do it all again tomorrow.

Money for horses...money for horses....money for horses....