Friday, August 7, 2009


Not me, I'm good!  My daughters and best friend Teri bought me tickets to go see the play-WICKED. Lil Mama went with me, and what a good time we had! We ogled the Orpheum Theater's Moorish architecture, drank GREEN Cosmos- called Wicked Witches- and dressed up.
I love plays. I always have. In fact there was a time in my life ( long ago) that I wanted to make theatre my Life! Not on the stage- oh no! I wanted the power of the Director! I directed my High school plays for two years- and even went to the JC with that in mind. Ah well.. life happened and that part of my life disappeared. But the Theater!  With it's lights and music and energy- well it still thrills me like nothing else! And WICKED was a beautiful way to be reintroduced to that long subverted love. 
Of course the book was brilliant, but the play just rounded up the whole story-and opened it up like a Emerald Birthday Gift. 
It was beautiful gift and it is one I will always remember!