Friday, August 14, 2009

No cigar...

Today was a beautiful day. Not too Hot, with only a slight breeze to keep things cool. Good thing for a horse show- however...Bob was a naughty boy anyway. 
WHAT? Oh yes, Big Beautiful Bob actually did his warm up perfectly, he looked great and so did Lil Mama. The first lap around the ring was actually very nice and the judge was taking notice. But as soon as they asked for the lope, Bob was  'carrying the mail.' He just wanted to go faster and faster- ignoring all his carefully planned cues. Can't figure out what he was thinking, but it wern't pretty.

On a better note- she actually picked up both leads beautifully. 
AND- LC was excellent! Not a cry or a whine or a tantrum (until about five and then it was happy hour and who cared!)
AND no one fell off and I had a good time visiting with my old friends...
AND there is always tomorrow ( it's suppose to be a lot HOTTER tomorrow-good for recalcitrant horses!)
All the things that I think make for a decent horse show- except for winning or placing in a class, were present. 
So as usual Stay Tuned to see what fresh Hell BOB comes up with for tomorrow!