Friday, January 8, 2010

Good news- Bad news

This has been an eventful week fer' sure!
Not only was I in the ER once- but I was in TWICE! Yep, same problem.
(Second verse - same as the first!)
:) Good news: Shavings came in on Monday
:( Bad news ~ They didn't all fit in the bin.
:) Good news: Tractor worked to push most of them in to the shavings bin.
:( Bad news ~Tractors tranny smells like it's burning fish
:) Good news: Weather was sunny for the three days I was sick
:( Bad news~ Weather isn't so sunny anymore
:) Good News: I found three old tarps
:( Bad news ~ They have holes in them
:) Good News: I could overlap them so the holes weren't too bad.

Yea! I came out on the UP side this time!