Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ghosts of Christmas Past

My most favorite thing about Christmas is ...

Not the Candy, although I like that a lot.

Not the lights, even though I enjoy driving around my neighborhood to see what everyone has done.

It's not the gifts either.

It is something small.

And very personal.

It is the Memories I make and recall each year.

It is Hubby (who looks a little like Jesus) stringing the lights because I wasn't tall enough and hate high places.

It's Lil Mama in her very most favorite Christmas dress being sweet for the camera.

It is the first puppy she ever owned by herself -Patsy the Amazing Doggie.

It is OD and Mac- he was young and black as night then.

It's picking the biggest tree we could find, then smashing it into the bed of the pickup truck.

It's my memories of two little girls so full of happiness and excitement that they were bouncing in their beds.

It is the memory of my Granny and her silver tree, plastic icicles and red,blue and green rotating lights. (sure wish I could find a picture of
I know - you are saying..."All we have are memories!" And you might be right! But to me Christmas memories are just extra special. They seem to stand out and glow in my mind. I anticipate taking out my box of ornaments, carefully unwrapping each precious one and recalling the past. Grandma's name etched on this gold one, Baby Gin's first plastic orb. The year we took OD to SF and found this bright blown glass ball in the window at Union Square. Remember, remember... remember.
Are you remembering too?