Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanks Cheryl!

I've been given an AWARD! Yippee! Thank you to Cheryl at Now I am suppose to nominate three others! Wow- so many blogs- so little time!

So I nominate . She's a real cowgirl- and even more than that she's a HORSEMAN. And anyone who knows me, knows that as far as I am concerned that is the highest praise possible. What can I say about Mikey that any of you haven't already said? Except to double the praise! Mikey is her own women and like I say," Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity." Rock on Girl!

Lastly is a new blogger, For such a young women Ginny is incredibly grounded, she's a horseman, a cowgirl and my best friend. She's also my daughter! Stop by and tell her " Hi!"

And for the rest of you- You are all wonderful and special. I can't wait to read about each of you every day! And yes, I DO have another life ( if you must know!).Visit my website to see what it is!


BULLRIDER~ by Suzanne Morgan Williams is the kind of book you are going to want your kids to read. YOU are going to want to read it too.
In a small Nevada town the O'Mara Family men are known for their bullriding skills- all except Cam. He'd rather shred asphalt on a skateboard and that is just fine with him. His older brother Ben was Nevada State High School Rodeo Champion and that's a big shadow to walk from under. Ben walked away from a Professional career as a Rodeo Cowboy to join the War effort in Iraq with dire consequences. Twelve days from his release Ben is blown up by a mine. He lives but his life will forever be different. Not only his life- but everyone in the O'Mara family too. Cam struggles with the new image of his brother, as does Ben himself. On a dare, Cam tries to ride a bull, with little success, but it lights a fire in him to ride another, and then another. And when Ben is nearly hopeless Cam decides to ride the biggest baddest Bull in the Rodeo- UGLY, to show what a little fortitude can do. With a lot of love, a little faith and a smidge of family magic, Cam finally gets his chance.
BULLRIDER is not a soap opera, not a tear-jerker, not maudlin or self aggrandizing, but a realistic account of two young men struggling to understand the changes in their lives. It is a story told with enormous heart and the twist at the end will leave you breathless and smiling.
Bullrider is not on the bookstore shelves yet- you have been been given a very rare early review! If this story intrigues you, please go to your local bookstore and ASK for it by NAME, hopefully they will order copies for you all to buy. And since Suzanne Williams has a blog on this very site I'll give you dimes for donuts that she will autograph it for you if you e-mail her. For those of you in Nevada, you can look for her at a bookstore near you sometime in the spring. The book is due to be released sometime in March or April.