Friday, November 18, 2016



I am a boot kind of gal! I've had a pair of boots on my pins since I was old enough to wear boots, and like the Cowboys of old, " I'll die with my boots on!"

I received a new pair today and I had to tell you all about them!

Aren't they pretty! 
These are from Nocona, and are the new line called LET'S RODEO. These have a very fancy name of Testa Pria. 

Of course I had to put them on right away. 


Soft and comfortable!

They will be my Show Boots for 2017. I can hardly wait!   The sole is rubber, but has a great deal of flex. I like that because it will keep my foot in the stirrup, but not so much that I'd get hung up if I had a blow-out. They feel like I could wear them all day and on into the night ( dancing, of course!)  
Really nicely made boots, for sure. 

I received these from Russel's Western Wear, so if you want to find yourself a pair, I'd hit that link and head on over. I am sure you will love yours just as much as I love these! 

Thank you Jason and Russell's Western Wear.