Friday, September 24, 2010

ALL right already! I'm a doing it!

Haven't posted for a few days 'cuz I've been very busy being... ( don't faint)... a writer!


Yeah, I haven't found a job after looking every day- and some kind soul on this very post reminded me that I am a writer- why don't I sell somethng, or try to.

And I thought, "Ya know,she's right! I AM a writer.I HAVE made money at this before!" So I started a notebook of ideas for magazine articles, ('cuz that is what you can usually sell the fastest and that gets the money in the bank.)
I pulled out my best book on Article writing, and in the last week I have written three new articles and queried two of them to a few magazines. Today I will query a few more.
And even though my poor ol eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen, I feel pretty good about it!
So now I am asking you all- what kind of articles interest you the most? What kind of article would you want to see from dear old Vaquerogirl?