Sunday, August 22, 2010

An 'If you give a mouse a cookie' kind of day

For those of you that have children, you may already be familiar with " If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by author Laura Joffe Numeroff. It is a personal favorite of mine- because it rings so true.
Today was one of 'those' kinds of days.

It began simply enough.
I wanted to add water to my waterbed. ( Don't judge me! I'm an old hippie and I've never slept in anything else!)
So I had to find the 'doo-hickey'- the small blue device that attaches to the hose and the spout in the bed.
It was in the drawer- and as I looked for it I decided to throw away all the unnecessary junk in that drawer, and the two other junk drawers.

Then I had to attach the doo-hickey to the hose.

So I go outside, and take the water nozzle off the hose, but before I do, I'd better water my flowers first.

Then when the doo-hickey is finally attached, I have to put the hose up to the second floor to my bedroom window. To do athat I have to find the ladder.
The ladder is under the fence that fell down.
The fence fell down because the weight of the ivy was too great.
So I remove the ivy.
And break up the fence and carry it to the side yard for disposal later.
And fetch the ladder, which is really really dirty from being under the debris.
So I have to take the doo hickey off- re thread the water nozzle, wash off the ladder and then put the doo hickey back on.

Then I have to climb the ladder and push the hose through the under part of the screen- but I see that it is a tight squeeze so I climb down the ladder, and go up the stairs to take the screens off.

And I see that they are really really dirty. I'd better wash them. And if I'm going to do one I may as well do both of them.

So off they come and into the shower they go. I scrub them with shower cleaner and set them on the other side of the tub to dry.

Then go back down stairs and thread the hose through the window, and then run up stairs to put the doo hickey into the waterbed, and tighten it down. But I have to strip the sheets to do that, and as long as the sheets are off I'd just better wash them.

So I take them off the bed and run downstairs to put them in the washer.

Then I go outside and turn on the water, and then run upstairs to make sure it isn't leaking.

It isn't.

I watch it until I have enough water,

Then run back down stairs to turn off the water.

Then run upstairs to take off the doo hickey and throw it back out the window.

And I notice the window is really really dirty- and as long as the screens are off I'd just as well wash the windows.

So I get the window wash fluid and towels and wash inside and then outside the windows, but I can't quite reach the middle or the top cuz it's really high! ( Have I mentioned I'm a feared o heights!)
So I go outside, take the doo hickey off and put the nozzle back on, and wash the washer fluiid off the outside of the windows. And I notice the walls are dirty too, so I hose that off too.

By this time the sheets are finished washing so I throw them into the dryer and the phone rings.

It's Lil Mama, back from the show, I put on my boots and go to the barn to help her unload.

When I get there, the Stud Spud Barn owner is rebuilding the retining wall in front of the wash rack.
I say "Why are you rebuilding the retaining wall?"

He says " Well I went to the Home store to buy some lumber to redo the deck, and I saw they had the lumber to redo the stall floor, so I went ahead and bought it.. and while I was there I saw they also had the right size to redo this retainig wall, so I bought that too..."