Friday, December 2, 2011

Want to give the best gifts and save money? Read this blog today!

A friend of mine just posted on her blog that Black Thursday is taking away the thought and intent of Thanksgiving. I agree wholeheartedly.

 My girls say I'm turnin' into a scrooge. No celebrating Christmas until Dec 1!

Well, I'm not really turning into a scrooge, but I am avoiding shopping in the mall.
This year, like last year, I shop in my own little quaint downtown or I order online. But there is another better option opening, and it will do you and your heart and especially your pocketbook a whole lot of good! That is shopping at home with your friends and not on the computer or the shopping channel!

The trend is called Home Shows. It's been around for years- you know it best as Tupperware, or Avon or Mary Kay. But laugh not ye of little faith- the Home Show is the All American way to spend your dollars this year and I will tell you why. You can thank me later!
More and more young women are forced out of the work force due to having and caring for their families- having these home shows allows them to keep up the pace of their family, make some money, learn a lot of new skills and to bring you and your friends, lots of wonderful holiday ( and not holiday) items. Not just candles, and perfume, but makeup, skin care, Home accessories, House wears, shoes, purses, wallets, even Horse tack! And it is fun. All your friends around you trying stuff on , playing games, drinking wine or punch and eating cake~ sounds like heaven to me!
If you are still shopping for your family call one of the representative in your area right away. They would be glad to book a show for you immediately- plus you usually get some killer price off the items you wish to buy( sometimes you even earn free stuff!)
Another tip is ETSY. What a great site to buy from craftsmen, artists or vintage hounds like me. You get unique items that will tickle your Secret Santa's fancy and can put a few dimes back into the ol' piggybank.

Last tip- your blogging buddies are a bunch of interesting and talented people. I'll just bet that you can find someone to draw that picture, make that calender, braid the bracelet you want or write you a book or a tune. Last year I bought calenders from a few good bloggers- will again this year too! And that money goes directly to them- no middle man- and I like that- A LOT.

So keep the car in the drive, invite your girlbuds over along with the hostess of a new product. Everyone wins and your Christmas's will be stellar!

You can thank me now!