Saturday, January 23, 2010

I don't believe it!

My Hubby called me on my cell today and said" Are you close to Brentwood?"
"No- Brentwood is about 40 miles just to the North East. Why?"
" There are Tornado warnings for Brentwood and rural Contra Costa County! Stay inside!"

What! Tornados in California? I remember Mikey said they had tornado warnings in Arizona too!
What is going on!
California is the state of Drought, or Fire or Floods - and especially Earthquakes- we don't need no stinkin' Tornados!

I've always pictured God sitting up there in his celestial throne/weather room.

God- Well California is so beautiful I have to do something to keep some of the people from wanting to go there. Hmmmm... well I know! I'll set the place on fire every year!

Angel- That might help, but you can't burn the whole state down.

God- You are correct sir! Ok, then maybe I'll flood the areas that don't get fire, and even some of the areas that do. That ought to keep the population down a bit.

Angel- Well Sir, that is a fantastic idea, but you put all that GOLD in the mountains of California so flooding is just going to expose that treasure and bring more people.

God_ Oh, I just knew I shouldn't have put all that gold there. Sigh! Well then how about if I make the whole place shake, from stem to stern. NO place in California will be safe from an earthquake! Thaqt will keep the faint at heart away!

Angel- Excellent idea,Sir! But what about this nest of tornados you've created? What should we do with them?

God- Send them to Kansas- I haven't done much with that state,maybe it will liven things up down there!

Keep a goin'

My dearly departed grandma was always coming up with little sayings. I have picked a lot of them up, and use them daily. Her favorite saying was ' Keep a goin'. She even had a little poem she would recite- and I don't know if she made it up or memorized it- I wish I could remember it, but the end lines were "keep a goin'".

So when it was just raining cats and dogs-pitchforks and hailstones- that line kept repeating through my brain.
When I was soaked through, and stuck in the mud with a manure cart in front of me that was heavier than I have EVER been- I kept thinking "Keep a goin'".
Being faced with a metal shed, blown over and down the ravine with debris strung from the top of the hill to the bottom, - " Keep a goin'".
Waking up this morning- tired and sore, and faced with more rain- you guess it.
Somehow that little line just keeps me putting one foot in front of the other.
Like the Little Engine that could
Or that little old ant (can't.. move a rubber tree plant)

That makes me wonder- what motivates you all to 'keep a goin'?