Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Beauty Queen was no sissy.

I heard just today about the 25 year old Beauty Queen that fatally killed an intruder in her home with her PINK GUN.
The gun was a gift from her fiance.
The intruder was a convicted felon with a long history of burglery and other assorted crimes.

The intruder knocked on the door at 3 AM. The BQ answered the door where upon the intruder attacked
her and tried to drag her upstairs.

The fiance heard the scuffle and jumped on the intruder, giving the BQ enough time to scramble away , get her gun and shoot the guy five times.
Why only five?
That was all the bullets that were in the gun!

The BQ and her beau believe that the man had been watching them,  working as a pizza delivery man and had targeted them to rob because they are wealthy.

 The BQ and her boy friend made a few mistakes.
Maybe when they buy pizza they shouldn't use $100 bills to pay.
Maybe they shouldn't answer the door at 3 AM - or at least not without the gun in her hand.

But she did do one thing right- she kept firing until the bastard was pushin' up daisies.

I'll bet that guy didn't think that a 25 year old Beauty Queen would be carrying a gun- pink or otherwise!
You can read the whole story here.

I just can't make this stuff up!!

Hell AND High Water

Today is the day....

Of course it is raining cats and dogs, pitchforks, golf ball sized drops and every other metaphor you could come up with. Plus it is windy!

But we are still on our way! Wish us luck!