Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Auction Time!

June was a super busy month- I am working two different auction houses and loving it
 But boy, am I tired.
Does anyone recognize this little ( big) gadget? There were actually three of them in the auction this month and they all sold very well!

This tasty item is a porceline stove.
Am I the only one out there that can appreciate a good working oven? Even though I don't cook, and my plan is to turn my stove into a planter- this would be a nice stove to actually turn into a planter! All the drawers and parts were there, except the Salt and Pepper shakers. Went to $  250 but now they have to move the dern thing!

I finally won an auction! This lot was two standing mirrors. I bought this one for Lil Mama and a nice Venitian Glass one for Mimi! 

Aww, what a sweet folk art angel. Hand carved and so detailed! Hey wait a minute! What is that under his foot? It's a head! Is it...SATAN?...

Same idea from a differnt part of the world. I guess to dominte the world you have to step on a lot of heads! This guy looks like he escaped from the Blue Man Group playing nearby!

Oh yes, the little mountain goat came back. This time they really did sell it though! One of my collegues actually stuffed it in someones back seat! $300!

The Room where all the magic happens...

I really wanted to bid on this lot, but I figured two mirros were ok- but a bunch more mirrors were just too many! Although I did like the Bakelite one there on the top. It was really heavy, the glass was perfect and it had beveled around the edges, ( you never see that) Plus all the other mirrors came with it. I think it sold for about $40 bucks.

My friend Terri! How did that get in there! She relly liked that giant c... er I mean rooster...

This was a pretty Navajo type rug.. I don't think it was really woven by Navajo, even Jamison who works there and is a Navajo didn't think it was truely done. HOW ever it was nicely woven and had pretty red yarn throughout. It went for $300. A Yei rug 3x5 went at the Gallery on Sunday for about $1000. Yei are special and very collectable.

You all know I am crazy for dishes. This pretty green and white set was missing a lot of pieces, but it was so sweet! I think it was about $50.

I put in a bid of $200 for this French Style Oak cabinet. I missed it by $25! The people who bought it bought ALL of the cute stuff I liked! Their shop is up in St Helens- I may have to go visit!

And last of all- the Musk Ox. He was big and soft and massive. Can you see this over your bed? There was a Cape Buffalo with a full stand on the other side of the room that was intense! I didn't get a chance to photo that thing but believe me- it was huge! And frightening looking. I kept imagining it walking through the showroom, bellowing!  Hahah!

So ...there is more

I finally signed my contract with the Auction House that has merged with Greg Martin Auctions. Heritage is run from Dallas Texas, but they have store fronts in Beverly Hills and New York  too. Now they will have one in San Francisco. It was touch and go as to weather they would keep me on, but the gang rallied behind me, and I was hired officially today. Boy what a relief! The vibe has been a little off in the office, but that is to be expected. Now there are all men and ME in the back, and only one girl in the front, I have to go up  and just gaze at her once a day to get my girl fix on, Those boys can really take it out of ya- they are like old women! Worse than I have ever been! Not that I dont like them- I do, but really men- no wining!
This whole process really threw me for a loop- so I've been keeping my stories close to my vest, There is lots of work to do, problems to solve and so forth. But at least I have a job that will last awhile.
Thank you LORD!