Saturday, December 6, 2008

Glacier Reunited

Does this look like a happy girl? You bet! 
This is my niece The Ant. She's fifteen now,she  learned to ride on this mare, and was beyond surprised today when she came to visit me. 
Me~ Let's go see the horses. 
Ant~ (coming down the shed row) Who is that horse... Is that GLACIER! How did she get here? What is going on!
Me~ snicker snicker. I bought her! She'll be here with me now forever! 
Ant~ (Smiles as big as can be) Can I brush her?

So The Ant spent the afternoon, brushing her coat, cleaning her feet, and letting her graze around the barnyard. She told me that the mare is three years older than she is- so that makes Glacier 18. She told me her registered name is Glacier Two Hands, and she told me her Mom ( my crazy sister) still has her papers ...somewhere.  So part deux of the Great Glacier Caper will continue...
As I was happily clipping my own sweet Desi, I was  thinking of all the things that had to go right for me to find this horse. The timing of the ad, our finances, etc.. and I was enjoying the fact that this turned out well, especially for the horse and Ant.  It occurred to me that there usually aren't happy endings to this sort of thing, so why did I expect this to be one? And then somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered Black Beauty. You all know the story of the black horse that goes from riches to rags and then is rescued by his original not so rich groom.  We all rooted for Black Beauty, but his pal Ginger wasn't so lucky. More horses face the fate Ginger faced.  
I have rescued plenty of horses. I was rescuing horses when it wasn't fashionable- when people thought I was just a crazy young girl. And I am so glad that I am not alone in this any longer. I know you all do what you can- not only to rescue horses but to educate people as well. Just like Anna Sewell tried to do all those many years ago. 
Thanks to all of you for your support!