Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picnic is closing and I'm so mad!

I've been using Picnic for a few years now. It is probably one of the best photo editing sites on the internet- everyone uses it because it is so easy. You could use it for free or you could pay a very nominal fee and use all of the cool edits.
Then Google came into the picture.

My Grandpappy used to say- If you can't beat a horse- buy the horse. Well, that is what Google has done to Picnic. They will close it as of April 19th.

I've been trying to use their version of Picnic-Google + and it SUCKS! Not only is it confusing, unwieldy, and hard to use, it insists you share your photo. Oh, it says you can share them, and just lock the album, and then 'share' it only to yourself. Only then can you try to edit your photo. I say try because it's hard to even find the right buttons. The tutorial says use 'lightbox'.Sure I will- when I find it!

I am just as angry as a wet cat in a wind tunnel!
There are a few other sites I will try. PicMonkey ( which doesn't have any of the cool editing tools but seems easy) or Aviary ( which looks expensive. I says looks, because it won't let me try it on my own photos with out paying for it first.)
Maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy, but I was doing great with Picnic- I felt GOOD about Picnic!

I have a feeling this is just a warning shot fired across my bow. First NetFlix submarined its users, and now Google. What we have grown used to, are happy with and works great- will no longer be available. Our choices are being limited by our tech savvy. Bookstores are falling prey to Amazon and it's e-readers, phones to A.T.T or Verizon and their smart phones or notepads.

 To those of us over the hill- well, your kids better love you. You are going to need them to navigate your whole lives soon.