Monday, December 8, 2008

A Real Good Day!

Glaciers feet were not as bad as I'd feared! Her toes were long, but her heels weren't, her sole is soft, but her hoof is hard. Her legs are in good shape too- a few minor, and older, splints, low down on the inside. She's thin and she has no muscle, but her body score wouldn't be bad. All and all a very good report. Vet coming on Thursday to check her teeth.

And on this weeks website was a great article on feeding an older neglected horse- just up my alley! To check it out you can go to MySpace-Mtzhorsewomanprez.

This is my cutie-patootie horseshoer- Kevin A. Not only is he a real nice guy- he has a New Zealand accent- G'day Mate and all of that! He's a great horseshoer too! Too bad he has a sweet girlfriend- we'd all be fighting over him!

It was cold today too- at least by CALIFORNIA standards. Last week- 75 degrees. Today it was 48 degrees. Brrr! Too swift a change for me, my blood is still real thin! We bundled up TLC and drug him along (of course! they kinda of frown on leaving babies home alone at this age-). He loved it! His little nose got kinda red, but he smiled at Kevin and cooed at me, and wanted to touch 'his' pony!
Then The Best Neighbor in the Whole World came over and brought us a kids saddle ! Whoopee!~
Now Lil Mama can make a sheckle or two giving riding lessons. Boy It was a super duper day for us!
Hope all of you had good days too!
It's only 17 more days until Christmas!