Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Still Raining and It is June!

You know I live in California for a couple of reasons.
One is the weather. It is balmy and beautiful here most of the year.

Not this year.

It has been cold and raining since October! And it continues to be cold and rainy and now it is JUNE!
MiMi informs me that it last rained here in June 1947! C'mon! That is just wrong!
It rained so hard last night that water in my street ran like a river, gysering and gushing against the tires of my truck.
And the clouds were swirling and black... Did I mention that there have been tornadoes nearby?
I pay a good chunk of change to live in California. I want to know who has changed the weather! I want a refund! If I have to put up with Midwestern United States Weather I want Midwestern United States pricing on everything! I want houses for under $100,000. I want Diesel for $3.00, I want a ton of hay for $7.00 a bale! I want Chicken and Waffle Houses, Great Rib Restaurants and looser gun laws.
If this keeps up I'm gonna move to Texas!