Monday, November 10, 2008


Karen is married to what my friend Meg describes as a "City Kitty". Now there is nothing wrong with that- my very Own Best Husband thinks that 'outside' is where the car is parked. So when we were shopping via catalog- Cabela's to be exact-and he called- we just couldn't help but laugh at the following conversation. ..
Him~ What are you doing?
Her~ Shopping for a jacket in Cabela's catalog. I want one that is Camo. 
Her~ No, Camo!
Him~ Camo? Like... Flaw-jj?
Her~ sigh***

So the jacket here isn't Camo-flawjj, but it's nice and warm and PINK! Guess where I found it? 
Yep- My favorite store- Tractor Supply!