Friday, March 19, 2010

Six-count 'em - SIX- more days!

I didn't show much last year- no job ya know.

This year I figured, "Yippee! Good JOB! Back to the Show Pen I will go!"

Insert sound of squealing brakes and shattering glass here.

But unless something changes- soon- it will be a summer like the last one- sans Horse Shows.

AND another BUT...

...At least I entered, and paid for, ONE show already- and it is approaching fast!

Six more days to be exact.

Now you would think that a year just practicing would make me just awesome this year.

I beg to differ.

Although Desi and I are better than we were before- we still have so much to learn!

We are too speedy through the obstacles....

Sometimes we get sloppy in our walk overs....

We haven't practiced the back throughs enough...

My memory isn't what it should be...

ON the plus side ( cuz you know me- there has to be a plus side)

We look pretty good physically...

We are determined to enjoy this experience!

All of my horse showing girlfriends will be there.

The next few days will be spent getting everything organized for the show. It feels like forever since we've been anywhere! Luckily I keep all my show equipment in one place- easy to get to.

It is suppose to be 80 degrees here today and I think that will be true which translates to BATH TIME!
No rain is forecast for the next week either- BONUS!

Perhaps I'll even be able to get a few photos! (what a concept!)

Speaking of photos- I did manage to get a few yesterday.
It was Mimis's birthday! She turned 26.
We all went to a nice lunch in a local restaurant. Daddy Jesus paid!
My girls looked georgous as usual!
And LC was an angel ( when isn't he?)
When we got home, Mimi had a box of flowers on the porch- sent from her friend in Iraq!