Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Rose is still a rose

We have decided to get a new puppy. Since Mac died the house is just too empty! Actually we are planning to get two, but we are getting the smallest one now and the Great Dane in the Spring.

I know! I know! Another Great Dane? Well-yes! I love the breed and it's sometimes nice to have a big dog at your back, and you don't have to bend over to pet them, and my house is still Great Dane proofed- so why not. I've even picked a breeder- in Texas! If I drive out from California to get him I'll have to make a few stops along the way to say hi to some of my blog buddies!

ANY-way... we are going to look at a Boston Terrier on Thursday. I've wanted one for a long time. It's a little girl and I've told OD that it can be her dog. She is so excited, she's never had her own dog before- they have always been my dogs.

OD is looking for the perfect name.
This is where things start to go south and get complicated.

"Who is going to name her!"
" You named the last one!"
" You'll pick a goofy name!"

Hubby doesn't want a frou-frou- ankle biter name. His pick is something from his favorite Band- The Greatful Dead. We have had Stella's and Begonia's and Sugar's and Sugar-rees. Jackstraws and so many more... I'm bored to death with Greatful Dead names!

Amy wants something very special. It's like she is naming her first child! Her picks are Alabama,Ivy,Cora, Fizzygig ( I don't know!) and Lola.

All this morning the debate raged.

This name is too frou-frou, that name is to long, too soft, too short, not enough consonants, been used before, too common.

Lil Mama told her she should wait to see what kind of temperament the dog has before naming her. (Good Advice)
Me- I really don't care- I seldom get to name our animals anyway.

Stay Tuned to see who wins!