Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh No, We did'nt!


We all were tired today at 5 AM when we got up to get the horses ready. Big K fed and watered, we all tacked up and tried not to think too hard about what the day was going to bring.

It was warmer today, none of the icy wind that we had yesterday and the ponies were all pretty tame.

Denesirita's class had 16 in it today. Let me tell you, her horse was a real star. He's never been shown English before and had never been to this particular show grounds. The English classes, the FLAT ones, were all run inside a very small covered arena, WITH JUMPS SET UP IN IT!

Lil Mama and Denesirita had to not only show their horse to their best advantage, but they had to negotieate obstacles as well! And just ask them about quiet sneaky ponies that ride up your tail! I dare ya!

Well, Denesirita ended up in the top ten in her class! NOT BAD! So she is all jazzed about the next show coming in April! Yippee! I know he GJA will do well !

Lil Mama actually had a fairly good run, until BOB picked up the wrong lead- right in front of the judge! Damn! Well he still pinned her forth and YES- SHE WON TWO BUCKLES!

KBG and Shirl the Wonder Pony had a very nice run in the Trail pen. One bobble, Shirl stopped and walked over a pole she was suppose to trot over- the very last pole of the course as a matter of fact- and yes it was in front of the judges table too! Still she placed third in that class, and the Numero UNO for the high Point AWARD and YES_ SHE WON A BUCKLE!

Desi was tired today, didn't even have to lunge him. Just got on warmed up and went into the pen. His focus wandered JUST as we were called to go forward, so I jiggled his reins, and he suddenly looked around at the show pen, and started- as if he was thinking, " Oh look over there... Hey Wait! We have a job to do here!" From then on it was all buisness. He jogged nice and steady, around the killer wheel, a beautiful back up, not too bad of a gate and no tic's!

I was tickled Pink- PINK! I tell ya!

We finished the class and placed 5th for the day!


Pretty- itsn't it!