Sunday, March 20, 2011

Voila! Sort of...

It poured all day yesterday, but today the wind and rain died down a little. I rushed to the barn to do the clipping thing.

This is the before picture. You can see I did his legs already.

See his zebra like mane standing up? His way fuzzy ears? Hairy muzzle...

This is the after picture. His ears and face are nicely clipped. His mane is shaved to the skin. I like to leave his forelock alone, but I did  shape it a little bit(underneath) so when I put a rubber band in it, it will lay flat.

Here is is whole body. See all the hair on the barn floor! Shaved his feet and all his white parts ( and the hair on his sheath too!) He is still hairy, but at least his silhouette will look less fuzzy - and at least it looks like I tried! Tail still needs washing, but what the heck... it's going to rain like crazy anyway!


And on a different subject-

Remember this cute little guy? This was Captain Tripps at three weeks old.

Here he is today at 11 months old.

He's such a handsome boy!