Thursday, December 1, 2011

December already!

So many of you have such beautiful Christmas cards showing your families, horses and dogs. I tell ya's, I don't know how you guys do it!
I can hardly get my family in one room for any length of time!
I can hardly believe it is the first of December already. It seems like 2011 flew past. Good or Bad, it was at the very least a wild ride. And although I always dread December, this year I am just happy it is nearly over and I can start fresh in 2012.
Starting in 2012 I am sending the still unsold Desi to Trail Camp for 30 days. Although I used to ride the trails every day , now I do not, and with no real wish to do so. But it seems everyone who has come to see Desi wants a 'trail broke horse', and I cannot in good conscious say he's trail broke. Thus the Camp. It will be good for him. Even if I don't sell him, on my visits to see him I will ride the trails, which are private, thus more enjoyable.
In 2012 I plan to do more showing.
I plan to have a job I can count on daily or weekly or monthly.
I plan to finish my latest book.
I plan to do more travelling with Hubby.
I plan to do more with my friends.

So with all this planning, maybe I'd better start by planning a great big Christmas!
I may not get a fantastic picture of my horses, dogs and kids all together, but I'll get a big tree put up for my grandson, a big dinner planned for my Hubby, great gifts for my daughters and a Happy Holiday smile for everyone else.
So Merry Christmas Everyone! Let the Party begin today!