Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Mini Clinic

It was a beautiful day for a clinic. Soft and a little breezy, the sun shone and we we not under water (like we usually are in February.) 

Here I am with a silly simp on my face- really I don't usually look like this- but I was really enjoying riding my new pony! He was so good! Usually by this time Desi would be flattened out and spooking from one end of the arena to the other- but Rem took it all in, tried really hard to do what he was asked  and never took a spooky step. 
My joy in riding has been renewed!

We were practicing going from a flat stop to a jog- on a straight line. Sounds super easy, but it wasn't! 
Of course I have an excuse- Remmy is still just a young green broke horse, and I have only been riding him a week or so. Still this is a good exercise to do at home.


This is a view from our arena. That is the Carquinez Straits out there, looking north towards Benicia. 
One thing about this arena, it sure does throw a lot of stuff at a horse. Trains to the south:~we are right next to the tracks were a train goes by every ten minutes or so. Boats and Ships of all types to the North-frequently they blow their ship horns. 
Walkers with dogs and without. Homeless people popping up from the brush to the east, helicopters fly overhead on occasion too. It is also on the International Bird Flyway so ducks and geese fly low to land on the water. There are bicyclists, and in the arena we have scary bucking chutes that practically every horse on the planet would be afraid of. Rem just took it all in with no drama.
It is a good place to get your horse to all kinds of weird and different objects!

Waterfront view
Jaq on Rem with Kiki the Wonder Dog. 

Note the Slack reins!

Marvin taking instruction from Jaq.
Kristina riding Xena

Ginny discussing the pattern with Jaq.
Roxanne's grand daughter riding a really sweet mare that packed her around all day.
Roxanne and Darryl. Hasn't he grown!
Devon and Zip
Me and Rem


Bar Hoppin Bob
   We all learned something, got our horses out of the stables for a few hours and enjoyed each others company.  I am really looking forward to this years show season. Devon,Krissy,Roxanne and Lil Mama will all be there with me. And as Krissy says " Better bring your A game. I'm out to win!" I may not be out to win this year, but you can bet I'm gonna give it my all!