Saturday, June 6, 2015

On The California Trail of...

Howdy Friends- if any of you are still out there!
I've been away from the Blog World for awhile, but I am going to begin again. Before I do, just a quick update~

My Grandson is now 7. He's a little man, raising stock, joining 4-H, hunting and shooting and camping with his Dad. He's growing like a weed and I'm afraid someday soon he will out grow me!

Mommy in Spurs has a full time job. her horse, Bob is 18 now, and she isn't showing him any longer, but she still rides him around the area. He's great for Jr to ride around. Mimi is in love and thinking about getting married.

I am retired from the Auction House- s o that will give me more time to ride and write and do other stuff too.

My newest creation is a series of History articles entitled " On the California Trail of..."
It will be about notorious California personalities, ( mostly Northern California) and retrace some of their stories.  I hope to be able to add photographs of the areas as they are now as well as recount  some history.

Some of the notables on my list are:

         Capt Joseph R Walker
          De Anza
         Captain John C Fremont

               John Muir  

                    Mark Twain
                  Bret Harte
                  John Steinbeck

Artists      Maynard Dixon
                  Ansel Adams
                Black Bart
               Capt Jack
               Joaquin Murietta
               Tiburcio Vasquez


                Joe Dimaggio

This list will keep me busy for quite awhile!

I hope you will join me as I work my way forward in this new adventure!