Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tying up loose ends-

I am going to try and tie up some loose ends today~ Things that I have been too busy to sort in the last week or so.

1. I am so glad that any of you blogger buddies living on the East Coast have survived Hurricane Irene!

2. I have not cut my hair. It is longer than ever and just as hateful.

3. The filly I blogged about earlier is ok. She is older than the picture showed, a leggy yearling now. She isn't being starved, but she was a little thin and maybe a little wormy. I didn't buy her because I am saving my resources to finish~

4. ~The Deal. I have made a decision about which horse I am going to buy. Thus- The Deal. As soon as it is all said and done, I will let y'all know which one I've chosen.

5. I haven't been able to post anything on blogger because the browser I was using sucks. I'm changing to Google Chrome and we will see if that makes a difference....

6. Auction's this week! I have a new phone with a better camera so we shall see if the pictures are more alluring...

7. And though I hate the end of summer worse than a visit to my GYN- I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend.


Maia said...

Hate the end of summer, I love the end of summer. We had temps over 100, high humidity and the lovely code red air for almost two entire months. September and October are two of our best months of the year.

I can hardly wait to see which horse you chose and the buckles you are going to win. Keep us posted.

Shirley said...

I use Google Chrome and love it. It's good to hear that little filly isn't as bad as she looked.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you and all those loose ends that are on their way to being tied up tight.

I use Fire Fox and would totally recommend it.

Can't wait to hear more about The Deal.