Thursday, May 14, 2009

Back to Basics

Bad ponies go back to basics! I know that he's only been in the barn for less than a week, and things are super scary when you're new, but Desi has been a few places- and he's old enough at 8 to not be so spooky, at least one would think so. So today we went back to the basics- walk and jog a circle. Big whoop!
I put his snaffle,cavesson and martingale back on, lunged the buck out (mostly!) and then mounted up.  He was still a little stiff to the left, and bracey to the right, so we worked on small and large circles at the walk and the jog. After about 40 minutes ( that is thirty minutes less than on Tuesday!) he began to supple up, and give his face. Ahhhhh! So as a reward we went to the SCARY end of the Arena to rest. And then back to walking and trotting circles, and rest at the Scary end. You get the picture. I am a firm believer in two simple tenets- One: Make the wrong thing hard and the right thing easy. And Two: If they don't like it- do it some more. 

So after he was 'good' he got tied in his stall to think on what we did as I rearranged the tack box ( again). The hardest thing really is not knowing where everything ended up! 
And now off to shop for the Benefit!